Paper towel experiment research

Welcome aboard the Anderson Management Consultants team. We are committed to providing our employees an outstanding culture that will in turn support our clients. You have been chosen from a field of numerous candidates, as you reflect the core values of our team that we believe generates overall success. We are honored to have you joining us and look forward to years of shared success. We expect you to come to work with a positive and productive attitude daily. It is vital…. This experiment will examine the absorbency of three different brands of paper towels and then compare the results to the price of the product to find the absorbency value.

First, we will purchase one roll from three different brands of paper towels from the same store at retail…. I began my preparation for the water science activity an hour before Eric, Mike, and Emily would arrive from school. First, I prepared four cups of water, straws varying in length, 6 sheets of wax paper and aluminum foil, 2 stacks of toilet paper and paper towels, 2 metal sponges 1 copper and 1 silver , and 6 different types of texture and color sponges that I cut into small rectangles and circles. Next, I arranged the living in order for proper spacing for the fieldwork to be….

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How would you advise your senior management? You work for a pulp and paper manufacturing company.

Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Home Page Paper Towel Absorbency. Show More. Unknown, The purpose of this experiment is to see to compare the absorbency properties of two brands of paper towels by measuring the amount of water each can absorb. I became interested in the absorbency because of all the advertisement wars on paper towel absorbency. My hypothesis is that Viva will absorb more liquid then Kroger Value.

I base my hypothesis on research that has been conducted by others and the claims made through advertising. The book I used said to use double-ply with no print also double-ply tends to tear easier from the roll then single-ply. They recommended double-ply because it absorbs more than single-ply.

Paper towel experiment research

In Speed Cleaning ,a reference I used, said that it is better to use the name brand because it will take less paper towels to clean up the mess, but another one of my sources say it does not matter what type you use a name brand or bargain. That is why I am doing this experiment. Liquid is one of the three states of matter. Liquid is similar to gas because the molecules do not fit together in any certain way. Another reason they are similar is they are called fluids. The reason they are called fluids is because they can fit the shape of any container they are placed in. Liquids are different from gas because liquid has a definite volume.

Soda is a non-alcoholic beverage prepared with carbonated water. They are often called soft drinks, pop, or soda pop. Soda is the most consumed beverage in the United States of America. The average American drinks 56 gallons of soda annually. Cola is the most popular flavor of soda. While conducting research for my experiment, I found several similar experiments that tested how strong paper towels are and the absorbency of several brands. In one experiment, Bounty came in first place for absorbency and another experiment found that Sparkle worked best.

Although I found many experiments that tested paper towels it varies from my experiment because I am testing which brand of paper towel cleans the best and if it is worth buying a brand name versus a bargain brand. Caelia, Adele. Campbell, Jeff.

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Speed Cleaning. New York: Dell Publishing Co. Chamblee, Theresa. Clean it Fast Clean it Right. New York: Rodal Press, Glass, Don.

Folded or Flat Paper Towel: Which One Absorbs More Water? - Scientific American

Johnson, Kimberly. Brand Names- Which is Worth It?. Martin, Richard. Umble, Chad. Wulffson, Don L. MLA formatting by BibMe. Light Colored Carpet Preferably White. Ensure that you have a clean open area to conduct your test. You must have access to sink, hard floor surface and an area rug. First, you will need to gather all of our materials.

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Try to wipe it up using a paper towel in twenty strokes. Do that three times with each brand of paper towel. Then, repeat the test on hard ground. After each test look at the mess left over. Rate your results from 1- 10 using the following rubric: Ten being you cannot see the mess at all and one being it looks the same as when you dropped the sauce in the beginning.

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When testing on the hard floor surface also test for stickiness. For the stickiness test let the area dry for two minutes. For rating the stickiness: ten would be its not sticky and one it is really sticky. Record data in a notebook. Put the score for each test and find the average rating and record it.

Use a calculator to find the average of the three test. After performing the test on the area carpet wash and dry the carpet before using again. Use Clorox wipes to clean the hard surface before performing the next test. For the next two tests you will need the Pillsbury cake frosting and Hershey's Chocolate syrup.

Use the same procedure as the Prego spaghetti sauce. Remember to follow each step.

Paper Towel Science Project: Capillarity

Then perform the test on hard ground. Please remember to clean your area after recording each test. For the Kirkland coffee, and Coca Cola Classic you will follow the same steps as the Tropicana orange juice. When you are done use a graph on the computer or make your own to show your results. You will graph the rating from each individual test performed three times as well as the average of all three ratings for each substance test.

Determine which paper towel did the best overall in each test.