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Indian ocean trade remained relatively peaceful, in spite of this the kingdoms and religions that dominated the region changed frequently. The kingdoms and people involved with the Indian Ocean trade changed frequently between…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Home Page Change and Continuity in China. Show More.

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However, wives and mothers-in-law had the job of managing the servants and family finances. They played an important role in the family, although boys were always preferred more than girls at birth. Other than women, Chinese peasants kept the same status throughout the years. A multitude of the Chinese population were made up of peasants who worked the land and lived off of what they poduced. They managed their own affairs in their small villages. Peasants had a low status in society, but they had the oppurtunity to move up through education and government service.

Their status would increase of they received education and passed the civil service examinations. In the s, the Qing dynasty began to decline, and the peasants began o gain power. Rebellions emerged. The monarchy-like government became a Chinese republic after Sun Yixian became president. He slaughtered the Communist Party because he believed they were a threat to his power.

However, Mao Zedong thought that Communism should be supported by large peasant groups instead of the smaller peasant groups.

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  4. Thank you! Published by Lester Powers Modified over 3 years ago. The Han created a bureaucratic centralized government, allowing the emperor to control over the vast and diverse empire from the capital. These dynasties utilized the Junzi administrators as they expanded into new territory in East Asia. The only change for the Junzi was the concept of the Bureaucracy of Merit being incorporated into the selection of bureaucrats. The Sui, Tang, and Song required all government positions to be determined through the Civil Service Exam as a way to avoid corruption since those at the highest administrative positions demonstrated mastery in Confucian texts.

    But this change was meant to improve the system, rather than alter it. Unfortunately, only students from wealthy families or part of the scholar gentry could afford to attend Confucian schools, which allowed them to get better scores on the exam, thus higher positions in government. During the Classical Era, the Han had a specialized economy in the production of silk merchandise due to the Silk Road networks.

    And Han craftsmen, using hemp, bark, and textile fibers, invented paper, which turn into the preferred medium of writing compared to silk scrolls and oracle bones.

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    Because the construction of the Grand Canal unified of the geographically divided Northern and Southern China, new technologies and ideas spread throughout China, causing new products to emerge in local markets. New agricultural techniques like the extension of artificial irrigation system allowed the food surplus and population in China to grow, allowing further labor specialization. Chinese craftsman develop porcelain, which was lighter than earlier pottery and often seen as a work of art.

    Chinese porcelain gained such a reputation globally that it was generally known as chinaware, or simply china. In addition, woodblock printing became significant to Chinese markets. Printing made it possible to produce texts quickly, cheaply, and in huge quantities. Copies of Buddhist texts, Confucian texts, calendars, and popular literary works were being sold throughout Chinese markets.


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    Realism I.

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