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Workplace values and outcomes: Exploring personal, organizational and interactive workplace spirituality.

Exploring personal, organizational and interactive workplace spirituality outcomes. Kumar P, Ghadially R. Organizational politics and its effects on members of organizations.

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Human Relations. Marques J. Human Resource Management International Digest. Marques JF.

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  • Spiritually or politically driven behavior: Differences in the workplace. Spirituality in the workplace: What it is, why it matters, how to make it work for you? Personhood Press; Perceptions of positive and negative Organizational Politics: Roles of the frequency and distance of political behavior. Workplace spirituality and employee work attitudes: An exploratory empirical assessment.

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    Politics in Organizations: Theory and Research Considerations; Vigoda-Gadot E, Vigoda E. Developments in organizational politics: How political dynamics affect employee performance in modern work sites? Edward Elgar Publishing; Organizational Behavior: Securing Competitive Advantage. Twitter Facebook Linkedin Youtube. User Username Password Remember me. Volume 10, Issue 1, January-March Volume 9, Issue 3, July-September Volume 9, Issue 2, April-June Volume 9, Issue 1, January-March Volume 8, Issue 3, July-September Volume 8, Issue 2, April-June Volume 8, Issue 1, January-March Volume 7, Issue 3, July-September Volume 7, Issue 2, April-June Volume 7, Issue 1, January-March Volume 6, Issue 3, July-September Volume 6, Issue 2, April-June Volume 6, Issue 1, January-March Volume 5, Issue 1, January-June Volume 4, Issue 1, January-June Volume 3, Issue 3, July-September Volume 3, Issue 2, April-June Volume 3, Issue 1, January-March Volume 2, Issue 1, January-June Volume 1, Issue 1, January-June Notifications View Subscribe.

    There are two sides to power and politics. In one respect power and politics imply the shady side of leadership. However, power and politics can be positive tools that managers use to accomplish tasks Research Papers words 6. As employees, we have all heard sayings like this before when it comes to the business world. Ever since Ugha smashed Mugha in the head with a club back in prehistoric times, politics have been around in the workplace. Politics are a subliminal fight for survival and it actually happens in personal lives as much as it does in our work lives Research Papers words 5.

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    Organizational Power And Politics Essay - Organizational Power and Politics Some employees believe that politics and power in the workplace is a game that corporate and management plays. Power and Politics in Organizations Essay - Power and Politics in Organizations Introduction Have you ever wondered what role politics and power play in organizations. Organizational Power Discourse Analysis And Linkages Essay - Introduction This essay offers an example to organizational power discourse analysis and linkages. Search Term:.

    When dealing with company politics employees should know the rules, cultivate a positive image, and keep employers perspective in mind McKay, Organizational politics can cause problems for individuals who work together, but the result can be far more devastating Employees and managers who must concentrate on the political aspects of work may have less time to pay attention to their jobs. The result will be a financial loss for the organization and will eventually lead to loss of jobs. Organizational politics allow some people to be rewarded for behavior unrelated to doing a good job.

    Political decisions encourage hypocrisy, secrecy, deal-making, rumors, self-interest, self-promotion, this is not a receipt for effective teamwork in the workplace Graham, Organizational Power Power is the ability to insist or resist a situation. If a manager can hire, fire, reward, or in any other way control someone's financial well-being or freedom, the manger can use power against the employee.

    Although this is an unethical behavior, it is part of the game. However, if the employee chooses to cooperate, the manager is acting as a leader by exercising persuasion rather than control or power Opis Management, Power is forced cooperation and persuasion is non-forced. Leaders exercise both, manager's exercise only power. Suppose your boss tells you to complete an assignment on Tuesday, you could resist those instructions by not doing the assignment and risk getting fired. Do you think that would be having power over your boss or just not a bright employee?

    Exercising free will is not the same has having power over your boss. As an employee you do not have the ability to change the ultimatum; complete the assignments given or get fired. The manager has the power to force cooperation on you or to fire you. Many of us hold old-fashioned assumptions about power and there are few new role models. The greatest power comes from collaboration from skillfully going inside our differences and working cooperatively toward building something better than we had at the start. The key here will be to use those forms of power that balance your approach, simultaneously create sustainable work relationships and the desired results, with the least amount of effort Robin, Managers these days continue to have human resource issues because they continue to exercise the power of position.

    Managers that manage their staff this way usually do not get the most out of their employees. Employees do not want to feel inferior towards their boss. They understand they are not exactly equal, since the boss is the boss. Employees want and need the same respect from their boss, as their boss wants from them. Politics vs. Power Politics are prevalent in the workplace. The inner workings of how an organization, such as a franchise, functions on a daily basis have to do with its politics.

    Unlike power, politics do not have to be played by everyone within an organization. Depending upon what position level an individual is in an organization determines what role in the politics he or she may play. An individual who are part of the custodian or maintenance worker position may not feel that he or she has to play in politics within the franchise. While a person who is at an administrative level position may feel that learning the politics within that organization may be beneficial in the role that he or she may have to play.

    Playing the political game of who needs to lobby with whom in order for things to run smoothly is part of any organization. Decision-making processes tend to include who will be affected and how, which is also a part of politics. Management might play the political game with corporate in order to ensure that their particular franchise is looked upon in high regard.

    Politics and power are intertwined. These entities tend to play against each other when it comes to any organization. The more power an individual may have may determine how much that individual may have to play the organization's political game. At the same time, the amount of politics being played may determine how much power an individual may obtain within that organization.

    Individuals that are a part of these organizations must learn the rules of these games in order to function effectively.