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Considering air pollution, some of the popular ways to evade air pollution are:. Since there are a huge number of vehicles on the road today, it has led to the emergence of a lot of smoke and disbursal of harmful toxins that are very bad for the body. They cause contamination of air, which we breathe and fall sick. Thus, it is important to use less of vehicles on the road. How would you travel then? Use public transport. Since the public transportation is such that it can carry more number of people than normal two and four wheelers can do, it is preferable to use public transport.

In the metro cities, the development of metro has massively helped people travel without using their own vehicles. The metros have a capacity to carry over people at a time. People generally prefer burning out the organic waste. Instead, consider decomposing it. The matter will turn out to be an organic manure that can be used heavily for agricultural purposes. On the other hand, burning of waste leads to air pollution.

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Plastic is one of the major sources of air pollution when burnt. The plastic is so harmful when burnt that the smoke it releases is infected with cancer leading particles.

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When we breathe in this air, we are more prone to deadly diseases. Noise pollution is the deliberate act of introducing higher levels of sound that may have harmful psychological or physical effects on living beings. All living beings can tolerate and thrive well in sound level of 70dB but a sound level of 85dB like busy roads, workshops etc for more than 8 hours a day can result in serious health problems. The disturbance caused due to noise which leads to harmful consequences on humans and animals is caused noise pollution. Some of the primary sources of this pollution are the machines, transportation, trains, motor vehicles, etc.

If the industrial and the residential areas lie side by side, they bring a huge impact on the people such as hearing loss or coronary artery diseases. In animals, the noise pollution holds a tendency to cause them death. It is thus very important to have an urban planning since most of the noise pollution is from the urban areas. The development of industries, residential areas, hospitals should maintain enough distance in order to avoid the adverse effects of the noise. Noise pollution commonly emerges from industries, factories, railways and airports.

The best way to get free of noise pollution and save your health is to stay away from industrial areas, railway lines and airports. Try to locate yourself in residential places that are calm and peaceful. Generally, these residential areas are built away from these noise-making places.

Make sure you stay in one of them. This will broadly help in evading noise pollution. Make sure you are making a minimal use of the horns near hospitals. One should understand that hospitals are full of patients. It might be really disturbing for the people inside. Thus, avoid making unnecessary noise near hospitals and residential areas. Water pollution is defined as the deliberate act of introducing harmful materials into the water like urban sewage, industrial waste waters, oil spills etc.

Another indirect source of water pollution is soil pollution. When we pollute the soil with fertilizers and pesticides, these accumulate in rain water and flow to the rivers and seas. Which then makes the water polluted.

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The water pollution is caused when the impurities are added to the water bodies such as rivers, oceans, lakes, groundwater, etc. It causes environmental degradation. Water pollution is generally due to the discharge of the contaminated stuff without treatment into water bodies that releases harmful components in the water. It damages the biological life in the water at large. Moreover, the humans and animals, both are affected due to non-availability of fresh water. The major causes of the pollution include pathogens, chemicals and toxins released from the factories and otherwise.

Huge industrialization and urbanization have led to widespread water pollution. In order to get rid of water pollution, it is imperative to evade the contamination of water bodies. Majorly, it is the industries from where the contaminated substances emerge out and get into the water bodies. It is essential that proper treatment with the waste is performed before getting them added to the water.

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Also, we should ourselves take steps not to implement any of the unnecessary activities in the water bodies such as throwing garbage or disposing of wrong content. Moreover, do not waste water. More the water you consume more will get collected with the dirty water in the environment. It is very important to preserve our mother earth by not causing any sort of pollution. We must ensure all the preventive measures are taken by us as well as by the people in our surroundings.

It is thus vital to create awareness spreading pollution information and get rid of the same.

Soil pollution is the act of polluting the soil by adding various harmful waste materials into the soil without proper treatment of them. The major soil pollutants include solid, non-biodegradable household wastes, industrial byproducts, deforestation and use of chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers. Soil pollution can be drastically reduced proper awareness and doing little acts like processing the waste materials before emitting them to the environment.

We can also get rid of soil pollution by planting more trees, reducing the amount of trees and forests we cut or by planting more forests than the ones we cut for our needs. We can also reduce soil pollution by using bio-degradable products, reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers and using organic manures and fertilizers for our farms and agricultural works.

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Huge quantities of dust become wind borne. The power stations that use the combustion of coal or petroleum for the generation of heat and power produce smoke and sulphur dioxide SO 2. It has been estimated that thermal power stations emit about two-thirds of total sulphur dioxide released in air. These gases result in air pollution. There are many other sources which cause small amounts of air pollution. These include cigarette smoking, burning of heaps of solid wastes, air conditioning appliances, diesel generation sets, and construction activities etc.

Pollution of air differs in some aspects from pollution of waste. Discharges from industrial premises in the atmospheres are often more or less continuous during working hours and they can drift high or low and in any direction, depending on the wind and weather. Air pollution is more widespread in its effects than other forms of pollution for people who have to breathe the air.

Air pollution creates cancroid not only for the animates but also for the in-animates. World wonder Taj Mahal at Agra is a burning example of stone cancer. But the immediate effect of air pollution can be seen on human beings. It is a universal truth that air pollution has an adverse effect upon human health. Cause and effect relationships have been proved between air pollution and diseases.

It has been proved that people living in polluted areas are suffering from certain diseases than people living in fresh air. Air pollution generally enters human body through the respiratory system and thus causes many respiratory disorders.

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Moreover, toxicity due to absorbed toxic substances also affects human health. For example, lead particles from vehicle exhaust in higher dose can kill outright but in lower dose, can shorten life span by causing deterioration of the nervous system. Air pollution can affect plants to changing degrees, depending upon the level of air pollution.

It causes injury to sensitive plants. Suspended particulates after deposition on leaves affect the photosynthetic activity. Several chemicals such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides used widely in agriculture are known to produce foliar lesions, chlorosis and abscission of leaves and reduction in fruit set. Several other types of particles in air such as coal dust and asbestos have been linked with necrotic lesions, reduction in fruit set in plants, silicosis and lung cancer respectively. Emissions into the air that are intended to cause changes in the weather, such as local rainfall, and others that are suspected of causing permanent atmospheric changes are of special nature.

Quite recently concern has been expressed over the fate of the ozone layer enclosing the earth and the possible effects on climate. Atmospheric particulate due to fuel combustion for industrial and household heating purposes can scatter and absorb sunlight and hence reduce visibility. The effect of particulate matter includes corrosion of metals, erosion and soiling of buildings, sculptures, etc. Air pollution is caused both by economic development and poverty.

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Increasing traffic and industrial growth are responsible for the very high level of outdoor pollution in cities. However, economic development also offers people access to such cleaner cooking fuels as cooking gas, thereby reducing air pollution indoors and saving women and infants from inhaling the pollutants released by burning bio-fuels.