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Lang says that you should clearly state your goals and objectives for students. Layout specifically what you hope your teaching will help students to accomplish. Be specific by telling a story or offering "a detailed description of an innovative or interesting teaching strategy you have used," says Lang.

Doing so, helps your reader understand how your teaching philosophy would play out in the classroom.

Conclusion : In this section, talk about your goals as a teacher, how you have been able to meet them in the past, and how you can build on these to meet future challenges. Focus on your personal approach to pedagogy and classroom management, as well as what makes you unique as an educator, and how you wish to advance your career to further support education. Lang notes that, while you don't need to use official citation style, you should cite your sources.

Explain where your teaching philosophy originated—for example, from your experiences as an undergraduate, from a faculty mentor you worked with during your teacher-training program, or perhaps from books or articles on teaching that had a particular influence on you. In addition to considering the type of teaching philosophy to write, Ohio State University offers some general formatting suggestions. There is no right or wrong way to write a philosophy statement, which is why it is so challenging for most people to write one. There are, however, some general rules to follow when writing a teaching philosophy statement, says the university's teacher-training department:.

Keep it brief.

Professional ethics of inclusive education teachers and teacher educators

The statement should be no more than one to two pages, according to the Ohio State University Center for the Advancement of Teaching. Use present tense , and write the statement in the first person, as the previous examples illustrate. Avoid jargon. Use common, everyday language, not "technical terms," the university advises.

Create a "vivid portrait" that includes "strategies and methods Share Flipboard Email. Janelle Cox has an M. She has provided remedial enrichment curriculums and worked with both bilingual and special needs students. Sample 1. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential. I will provide a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks.

Sample 2. I will assist my students to express themselves and accept themselves for who they are, as well embrace the differences of others. I will present a curriculum that will incorporate each different learning style, as well as make the content relevant to the students' lives. I will incorporate hands-on learning, cooperative learning, projects, themes, and individual work that engage and activate students learning. Sample 3. Probably, young people need the knowledge in every sphere of life. Teachers assist the mind in delivering itself with ideas, knowledge, and understanding.

In other words, a good teacher demonstrates to the students how to recognize the truth and false. Even though it may be a very time consuming and difficult profession in some cases, the long-term benefits worth the efforts.

4 Teaching Philosophy Statement Examples

The second important role of any teacher is developing. Any teacher is also a friend, example, and mentor for the students. The primary responsibility of every teacher is the ability to choose a personal approach to any student. Besides, contrary to what one may think, teachers are also active listeners.

Lastly, teachers perform an important nation-shaping role. The individuals who take on the responsibility of educating the young people not only help individuals to gain the knowledge but increase the well-being of society as a whole.


Due to this fact, during the past five years, the government has increased the salaries for teachers and costs spent on education. The teachers encourage students to obey the laws and form in them the basic understanding of moral principles. Needless to say, any nation benefits from educated and responsible citizens. Citizens should be provided with some basic knowledge that will eventually enable them to become independent members of society and learn self-discipline.

Hence, there are no doubts whether is teaching a profession that has a significant impact on the development of society. My philosophy is that an educator is the most valuable resource our country has. Of all the jobs or careers in this world none of them would be possible without teachers. There are two main points to my philosophy, why teachers are important and who teachers are. Hopefully reading my philosophy will give you a better understanding of the importance of educators in this world. Teachers are very important in our society because we need them to provide our youth with the knowledge and social experiences they will need to improve their future and the future of the entire planet Nutrition should be taught as a part of the health curriculum because, it is important for children to learn healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Nutrition is the area of health that focuses on planning a healthful diet and includes choosing a variety of foods from the Food Guide Pyramid, adhering to dietary guidelines, reading food labels, making food selections to reduce the risk of disease, making healthful selections when dining out, considering food safety, maintaining desirable weight, and avoiding harmful eating patterns, and recognizing eating disorders Meeks,Hieght,Page p I believe that all of these different categories should be taught in the There is lots of piano teaching method and each one has its strengths andweaknesses.

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Now, I am going to inform you about the most common three methodsfor children? Alfred, Suzuki, Amadeus. First of all, the Alfred method usesvisual things such as colored pictures and graphics? As you know, a picture is the greatest friend to childrenand it helps them, even adults like us, to understand something a lot easier. Additionally, it could grab children's attention more easily and quickly thana verbal explanation Teaching is a profession which allows one to influence many lives.

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It is because of this opportunity to touch lives that I have decided to enter the teaching profession. I understand that the benefits of this profession are mostly intrinsic as opposed to extrinsic, yet the thought of inspiring students to learn drives me closer to the teaching profession.

4 Teaching Philosophy Statement Examples

To summarize, the reason that I am entering the teaching profession, is my conviction to touch lives Teaching is considered both an art and a science. The science of teaching includes philosophy, classroom management, methodologies, techniques, and psychology. The art of teaching encompasses those steps or approaches taken in the day to day classroom, in other words, how students are handled.

Students working towards the goal of becoming a teacher, especially as a graduate student, may become overwhelmed at times by the amount of information that is presented. One must learn the history of education in the United States, the keys to successful classroom management, determine an educational philosophy, the variety of curriculum, the laws that affect I believe that teaching is one of the most important professions in the world today.

From the very beginning, until present time, teaching has been around. I will be proud to, one day, be a part of this great calling. There are many reasons why I want to be a teacher. Starting with the most important, I want to influence children positively with Christian perspectives that will help them achieve satisfaction in their life. I also would like the How can we put a price onour children's education, especially that small of a price? Children in today'ssociety deserve the best possible education and how are they able to get thatwhen the teachers are not getting a fair salary?

Every since the first day I walked into elementary school I realized Iwanted to be a teacher. I am not really sure what it was but something just setoff a spark which has continued to get brighter and brighter over the past 13years. During these 13 years I have been able to practice my teaching There are many reason why I want to be a teacher. I adore children and I think they have a great sense of humor.