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During the Civil War, the Confederate Army boiled watermelon to make molasses for cooking.

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It is in the Southern states such as the Carolinas and Georgia where watermelons flourish as commercial crops. Numerous varieties were developed, and variations of flesh color surfaced. By the late s, the W. Watermelons need a long growing season at least 80 days and warm ground for seeds to germinate and grow. Soil should be 70 degrees F or warmer at planting time. Sow seeds 1 inch deep and keep well watered until germination.

Tricks & Tips to Germinate Watermelon Seeds

To get a jumpstart in cooler climates, cover the planting area with black plastic to warm up the soil and start seeds indoors two or three weeks before they are to be set out in the garden. Don't start seeds any earlier, because large watermelon seedlings transplant poorly.

1. Starting Seeds in Soil

Plant 3 seeds in 3- or 4-inch peat pots or large cell packs, and thin to the best plant. Place in a sunny south-facing window or under lights to germinate. Make sure the area is warm? Use a Seedling Heat Mat if necessary. Watermelon is a space hog; vines can reach 20 feet in length. So plant where there is plenty of open ground. Amend soil with organic matter such as compost or composted cow manure. Add a balanced fertilizer that is high in nitrogen.

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Sow 8 to 10 watermelon seeds in a hill, and push seeds 1 inch into the soil. Space hills 3 to 4 feet apart, with at least 8 feet between rows. Thin plants to the 3 best in each hill. Keep soil free of weeds by shallow hoeing or with a layer of mulch. Watermelon plants have moderately deep roots and watering is seldom necessary unless the weather turns dry for a prolonged period.

Watermelon fruit can separate from the vine for several reasons: 1 check to make sure an animal is visiting the garden and feeding on plants; 2 young watermelons can be attacked by insects which can cause separation of the young fruit from the vine; look carefully for insects and treat with insecticidal soap or neem oil spray; 3 water stress; make sure the soil does not dry out—keep the soil evenly moist; 4 stress caused by very high or very low temperatures; 5 incomplete pollination; the flower was not fully pollinated; encourage bees and other pollinators by planting flowers nearby.

I need some clarification. Above you say, Avoid planting watermelons where cucumbers or squash have grown recently. But then under Interplanting: Plant watermelons with bush beans, corn, dill, eggplant, lettuce, cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes. They can grow with cucumbers?

But not after? Because of heavy feeding? Thank you for sharing so much helpful info! You can plant watermelons alongside heavy feeders such as cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes, but you do now want plant watermelon after those crops—they are all heavy feeders and will use many nutrients in the soil. After growing heavy feeders you want you want to feed the soil with aged compost and aged manure or plant a cover crop of beans to feed the soil—that is to renew nutrients. Next year I will be selling my melons.

I planted these melon from seeds from a melon brought from the store last year. Housesketcher: Spend your money on amending the soil for now. Most master gardeners will tell you 90 cents of every dollar spent on a garden should be spent on your soil. Are you in the correct zone for a Mediterranean garden little to no summer rain, temperate climate year round, sandy or quick draining soil otherwise you might not have much success long term and would have to replant every couple of years. And if your soil is clay you'll need to do a lot of amending for Mediterranean plants to succeed.

The best times for planting are in Autumn and Spring, so if you amend your soil for now and draw up a plan, sketch out your ideas and research what plants to add, by the time October or March comes around everything should be ready to go and you can buy your plants or seeds. I'm glad you're not just going to put in a lawn and good luck to you. Were these plants freshly purchased from a store? The leaves look, to me, like they have been sun and wind burnt.

Are My Seeds Too Old? How to Check Viability with a Seed Germination Test

It is good that you have now shaded them They may be able to recover, but it will take some time. Plants from a store or nursery usually have just come out of a greenhouse or a very protected spot. That makes them very tender and they need to be introduced to the elements slowly.

Growing SEEDS in Paper Towel Method - Coffee Filter Method - how to grow seeds

In AZ that is sun and wind but in other places that could include cold temperatures and rain as well. Like Save April 27, Sign Up to Comment. Related Stories. You might not need as much space as you think to get this summer mainstay to spring up in your garden.

Get beautiful bargain blooms and herbs in summer by starting these choice garden picks from seed in spring. Growing delicious herbs and vegetables starts with knowing your goals and when you want to plant. A garden-loving couple create the perfect place to have a soak and putter with their plants year-round. Peterson Garden Design. Be especially water wise this month as you sow seeds, tend to your lawn and plant edibles, grasses and flowers.

Savor snack-tastic sunflower seeds once the radiant blooms have faded — if the birds have saved you any, that is.

1. Introduction

Gather seeds from your garden in fall, and you'll have a selection of plants for next year — without spending a dime. If the sun's shining, it might be time to sow seeds under glass to transplant or harvest.

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Let witch hazel cast its spell, shut off your mason bees' snooze button and hit up the nursery for seeds and roses.