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Save Japan Dolphins

People also read Article. Courtney S. Vail et al. Published online: 26 Feb Naomi A. Rose et al. Published online: 28 Jun AMY L.

Activists file suit to stop dolphin hunting in Japan

Japan Forum Volume 17, - Issue 1. Published online: 15 Sep Jon Holtzman Ethnos Volume 82, - Issue 2.

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Picking up on one instance that shows this not to be true is just another example of one of the strategies employed to further the claim that we in Taiji are liars. The Taiji fisheries official said he had no knowledge of the regulations, but added that if they became international requirements they would consider implementing them.

Researchers say this is a chalk and cheese comparison. With large animals such as dolphins, accuracy of spinal cord severance is problematic, they say. As a result, exsanguination becomes a drawn-out process, inducing first paraplegia and death through trauma and gradual blood loss, the study continues. The process is prolonged further by a practice introduced in whereby a wooden peg is inserted into the wound.

New Japanese method for killing dolphins is inhumane | New Scientist

This is undertaken, say Iwasaki and Kai, to prevent excessive water contamination. They deserve global protection. Kris Simpson of International Dolphin Watch applauded the new study.

Exposing Japan's dolphin killing cove - 60 Minutes Australia

Our position is therefore unequivocal; dolphins must not be hunted. Despite persistent international pressure, Taiji continues its annual culls, which it calls a cornerstone of a fisheries industry that sustains the small fishing community of 3, people.

The Cove Film Analysis

None of the dolphins slaughtered for their meat are from endangered species, they claim. Bottlenose dolphins are among the cetaceans caught and sold for millions of yen to aquariums in Japan and overseas. Click to enlarge.

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